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Water repellency

                 inspired by nature

                 For years, water-repellent treatments have typically
                 contained fluorocarbons (e.g. PFOS, PFOA, etc) and
                 other chemicals that accumulate in nature and negatively
                 affect ecosystems.

                 We want our Outerwear Collection to be as planet-friendly
                 as possible. That’s why we chose BIONIC-FINISH  ECO, a
                 safe and environmentally friendly durable water repellent
                 (DWR) that draws inspiration from naturally water
                 repelling elements like a bird’s feathers and lotus leaves.

                 Based on cutting-edge dendrimer molecular technology,
                 this fluorine-free treatment repels water and other stains,
                 offering a high-performance finish and keeping colours
                 and fabrics looking new for longer. And because only
                 a small amount needs to be applied, breathability and
                 fabric softness are not compromised.

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