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                                                        to be decorated

                                                        Our garments don’t only need to look good when they
                                                        leave the factory, they need to look great once they’ve
                                                        been customised. That’s why every style is engineered
                                                        and designed to offer not only superior fit, feel and
                                                        comfort, but also excellent customisation possibilities.

                                                        All our recycled polyester and recycled nylon fabrics
                                                        are ideally suited for embroidery, and Direct-to-Film
                                                        (DTF) printing – a versatile, cost-effective, and durable
                                                        alternative to Direct-to-Garment (DTG) – can confidently
                                                        be used on any style. For other techniques, we always
                                                        recommend  reading the printing instructions carefully
                                                        to ensure the optimal results.

                                                        When designing our styles, we pay special attention to
                                                        the placement of zips, stitching, pockets and other features
                                                        to offer the widest possible range of decoration options.

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