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Made Differently

                                                            Responsible game changers. Quality seekers. Stanley/Stella
                                                            is a community of passionate individuals, driven by a common
                                                            desire to reinvent fashion for a better world. Since our
                                                            conception in 2012, we have made it our mission to produce
                                                            impeccable garments, while building a transparent and
                                                            sustainable fashion ecosystem.
                                                            Our thoughtful approach is reflected in the premium quality of
                                                            our garments. We believe in the power of simplicity and aim
                                                            to create refined pieces that we are proud to sell and wear.
                                                            Each item in our collection allows the wearer to express their
                                                            style, while never compromising their values and beliefs.
                                                            There is power in numbers, which is why we work exclusively
                                                            with those who share our values. Together with our suppliers,
                                                            dealers, employees and customers, we form a community of
                                                            like-minded individuals, driven by desire for innovation and
                                                            change. Together, we are making this change happen, one
                                                            ethically crafted garment at a time.

                                                            This cover is made from 100% chemical-free cotton.
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