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                                                             THE MOLESKINE STORY       THE COMPANY       UNFOLDING STORIES

                                                                        THE COMPANY

      Through an effective and efficient combination of   AN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY    GLOBAL RETAIL MARKET                    OUR CONTINUING GROWTH
      hard channels, Moleskine is able to drive a sustainable   Located in different countries around the world in over   Moleskine operates over 80 of its own retail stores;   Moleskine is a creative company enjoying continued
      long term growth. We are a global organization with   27,500 points of sale, our head office is in Milan, Italy,   spaces where the entire collection is available in one   growth. It counts over 450 employees and a vast network
      an experienced leadership team, operating through a   and the Moleskine Group includes the following wholly   place. Strategically located in key transportation   of partners and consultants.
      unique global brand.
                                              owned subsidiaries: Moleskine America, Moleskine Asia,   and shopping hubs in major cities like Paris, London,
                                              Moleskine Shanghai, Moleskine Germany and Moleskine   Berlin, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Milan, further
                                              Japan.                                  openings are planned worldwide. Moleskine increases
                                                                                      its high visibility within the retail market with displays in
                                                                                      major retailers around the world, new partnerships and
                                                                                      e-commerce platforms.

                                                                       Moleskine Japan
                                                        Moleskine Germany  Tokyo, Japan
                                                         Köln, Germany
                                               Moleskine America    Moleskine - Head O	ce
                                                New York, USA          Milano, Italy

                                                                                         Moleskine Stores (55 Moleskine Stores in 8 countries in 2015)
                                                                      Moleskine Asia      Moleskine Stores (80 Moleskine Stores in 8 countries in 2018)
                                                                      Hong Kong          Moleskine Shop in Shop (180 Ateliers in 2015)
                                                                     Moleskine Shanghai   Moleskine Shop in Shop (180 Ateliers in 2018)
                                                                     Shanghai, China     Moleskine Wholesale Doors (26,500 worldwide in 2015)
                                                                                          Moleskine Wholesale Doors (27500 worldwide in 2018)
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